Groomer's Emotional Reaction to Grooming Senior Dog for the Last Time Is a Tear-Jerker

Watching your fur baby grow older is so difficult because you know the time together is lessening. It can get emotional for you and your family. At least it does for us! But never did we think it could be hard on other people who have met your pet before. We're only making that connection now after watching this heartbreaking clip from TikTok user @lovesjesus.drinksalittle.

This TikToker is a dog groomer and she's been with one dog specifically for 13 years. WOW! She realized her session with this senior dog could be the last and her reaction has us all choked up. Grab a tissue for this one.

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Ugh, stop it. The tears won't stop streaming down. We had no idea dog groomers could get so attached to their clients but clearly they do. That's what happens after you see your client for 13 years. We haven't even been going to our hairdresser for that long!

"Aww. Thank you for loving and caring about your clients like this. And happy birthday sweet boy!!!" wrote @tracymadx. A groomer that gets this attached to their clients is a sign of a good dog groomer. She clearly cares and gives them so much love and attention. If her emotional reaction wasn't a sign of her love, just look at this dog's haircut. Perfection! @s_ryan0 added, "Oh how cute! He sure looked handsome. What a special friendship." You can say that again!

And this doesn't just go for dog groomers. Unforuntately. "I'm not a groomer, but I'm a pet sitter and I get so attached. I just lost one of my favorite clients to cancer," said @raegan_max. Ugh, here come the tears again.

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