Groomer Finds Dog's Ashes at Goodwill and Vows to Give Her a Permanent 'Home'

If you're anything like me, you fall in love with adorable dogs on social media nearly a dozen times a day. After all, what's not to love? Every pup has unique looks, traits, or quirks that make them as special and as cute as can be--including those who have already passed.

That's why I felt moved to tears when I saw what the owner of @shampoochespetgrooming did for a dog whose ashes she found in a thrift store. The beautifully-groomed Poodle had clearly been loved when she was alive, but it's only right that she's loved just as much in death, too.

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What a beautiful thing to do for an equally beautiful dog she had never even met! I'd like to think that there are lots of people out there who'd do something similar, but it's both refreshing and moving to see it actually happen in such a respectful and loving fashion. It genuinely had me reaching for the tissues!

It's difficult to think about how and why this beautiful Standard Poodle's ashes ended up at Goodwill, but it's all too easy to try placing the blame. I loved commenter @iam_dianarene's reminder that "maybe the owner passed, and a family member donated them." This sad situation may not be the result of ill intentions, but there's no denying how heartbreaking this discovery must've been for @shampoochespetgrooming--or for any dog owner!

She turned a sad moment into a beautiful one, though, and I couldn't applaud her more if I tried. If that were my pet's ashes at Goodwill, I'd be forever grateful to this woman, in this life and beyond.

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