Groom reacts to hearing Celtics lost while walking down the aisle: 'I would've canceled the wedding'

A sports fan got some bad news about his team … while he was walking his bride down the aisle.

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The Boston Celtics lost Game 1 to the Milwaukee Bucks during the NBA’s Eastern Conference Semifinals. The Bucks won, 101 to 89. Worst of all, they creamed the team of one hopeful groom on his wedding day. A clip of the moment the husband finds out has gone viral on Twitter, with 1.8 million views, thanks to Bleacher Report.

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Loved ones surrounded the bride and groom at the church wedding ceremony. The pair headed down the aisle with their arms locked. Then someone got the groom’s attention to let him know the Boston Celtics lost Game 1.

His face said it all. The groom’s countenance fell from a smile to mouthing the words, “They lost?” Then complete and utter disappointment. What a spoiler on your wedding day.

“Would never have a wedding on a game day, that’s amateur hour stuff,” the use @Brimaried joked in a comment.

“I would’ve canceled the wedding if that was me,” @IwalkVikCelts wrote in a tweet.

“He [was] lucky his boy was there to tell him. Cause I wouldn’t have showed [up] if my team was on,” @Jmic84 said as a joke.

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