Groom goes viral for having very different ‘energy’ from bride on wedding day: ‘I’ll never be over it’

A newlywed shared the way her husband reacted to seeing her for the first time as she walked down the aisle, and now the footage is causing a stir on TikTok.

TikToker Shey Nascimento (@sheynascimento) gained over 24.7 million views, 5.4 million likes, 293,000 saves and 10,000 comments after uploading the wedding video to her account.

Unlike other men who have gone viral for their bad behavior at milestone events — like the groom whose “disgusting” wedding vows set off red flags across TikTok, or the husband whose “humiliating” behavior at his son’s 1st birthday party shocked viewers — Shey’s husband, Seth, is setting groom goals for TikTokers around the world.

But it’s not just Seth’s emotional reaction that’s causing a viral stir. It’s his bride’s “completely different energy” on their big day.

Although Shey and Seth tied the knot in May 2023, the couple recently took a stroll down memory lane when Shey posted the now-viral footage as a throwback in early September.

“idc I’ll never be over it,” Shey wrote in the video’s caption. “this video is so sentimental yet funny to me!!!”

In the video, Seth can be seen holding back tears — chin quivering, hand trembling, eyes brimming with emotion.

But when the video cuts to Shey walking down the aisle, it’s a very different story. “POV you and your husband serve completely different energy on your wedding day,” the video’s onscreen caption reads.

According to Shey’s prior videos, the couple met as kids, started dating as teens and spent three long years in a long-distance relationship in different countries.

So when it came time to say their vows, the two were clearly full of emotions — though, arguably, very different emotions. While Seth was overcome by tears, Shey was nothing but smiles, beaming her way down the aisle.

But it was Seth’s reaction that seems to have stolen TikTokers’ hearts — and set the bar for future grooms everywhere.

“The lip quivers 🥺,” wrote @kellynlsmith, a comment that gained over 64,000 likes.

“my future husband better cry at our wedding like this,” commented @kayleehollis2, gaining over 49,000 likes.

“Men that cry at weddings is so beautiful it’s honestly the sweetest thing,” wrote @georgiakate.

But this video isn’t the only one from the couple’s big day to go viral.

In addition to filming their wedding in a traditional way, Seth and Shey also used a Super 8 camera, creating a vintage look for their special day that viewers loved.

“Pure magic,” commented @belleperez.

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