Grisly Surprise: Bear Lunges Towards Visitors in British Columbia's Babine River Corridor Park

A grizzly bear crossing a bridge in British Columbia’s Babine River Corridor Park gave a group of visitors a fright on September 30 when it suddenly lunged at them.

Video filmed by Jay Dupras shows the bear slowly crossing the bridge. As it approached Dupras the bear lunged towards him and several others standing nearby, but diverted after someone in the group gave a shout.

Dupras told Storyful that he was on an annual fishing trip when he spotted the giant grizzly moving towards the Babine River bridge.

“This is a common sight for us as my family has been catch and release steelhead fishing here for over 45 years,” Dupras said.

Lonnie Marshall Dupras, Jay’s wife, wrote that the incident was “a little too close for comfort” in a Facebook post.

“This is the first time in 25+ years of fishing that spot that they had such a close encounter. There were four grown men in that huddle so she was just flexing,” she wrote. Credit: Jay Dupras via Storyful