These Grilled Cheese And Tomato Soup Dumplings Actually Make So Much Sense

Top Chef finalist Shirley Chung teamed up with KRAFT to create Souplings—here's how you can try them yourself.



It doesn't get much better than a gooey grilled cheese dunked in flavorful tomato soup on a cozy evening in. And there also isn’t much better than a comforting soup dumpling. So what if all of that was combined into one dish?

That basically summarizes KRAFT's latest creation. In collaboration with Top Chef season 11 finalist Shirley Chung, they came up with the concept of Souplings: tomato soup and grilled cheese merged into one dumpling bite.

“I love marrying traditional, authentic Chinese cuisine in new and progressive American ways,” Chung said in a statement. “What better way to marry the traditions of Chinese cuisine than with the delightful, simple flavors of grilled cheese and tomato soup? Of course, I had to use Kraft Singles as the best and meltiest American cheese for an amazing grilled cheese, however you enjoy it."



The dish is part of a limited edition launch—for now. Making its debut on November 8, you can order it for yourself at Ms Chi Cafe, Chung’s restaurant, located in Culver City, California. For those who don't reside in the City of Angels, you're able to join a waitlist to get a 16-pack delivered to you for $90 on

Other fusion-forward offerings on Chung's menu include Jumbo Cheeseburger Potstickers (her Top Chef-winning dish), Pork Belly Tots, Bao Sliders, and other house-made dumplings.

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“Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup is the American icon for simple, classic, go-to comfort food. Dumplings, too, are a delicacy that delivers easy enjoyment,” Stephanie Vance, the brand manager at KRAFT Singles, said in a statement.

The key to making a classic, crispy-yet-soft grilled cheese: Choose a cheese that's made to melt (American, brie, cheddar, gouda), spread butter, oil, or mayo on evenly-sliced bread, and cook at medium heat on a skillet until golden brown.

The timing of these Souplings feels intentional, as temperatures drop and soup season begins to sweep across the country. While you wait for your order, try making your own rendition of a grilled cheese and tomato soup, like this fresh tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons or this breakfast grilled cheese with buttery waffles, scrambled eggs, and crispy bacon. If you have any leftover Halloween candy and are feeling extra daring, test out the candy corn grilled cheese

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