Get your grill ready for summer with these tips

Sure, you can grill all year long if you want, but we all know that Memorial Day is the official start of the summer grilling season. But if you think you can just dust off that grill that’s been dormant for the better part of nine months and get right to cooking, think again.

50 Things You Need to Grill This Summer

If you want to grill the best burgers, dogs, fish and veggies, you need to put in some elbow grease to make sure your grill is in tiptop shape. From the grates to the valves, we’ll walk you through how to give your grill a much-needed tune-up so you can avoid those unpleasant surprises once you start cooking. Even if you don’t have your own barbecue, you can take these tips to the park or campsite for the best experience everywhere.