Greg Newsome II NFL Draft Prospect Profile

Yahoo Sports’ lead draft analyst Eric Edholm shares his evaluation of the Northwestern cornerback.

Video Transcript


ERIC EDHOLM: Northwesterner's Greg Newsome emerged last year as one of the best cover corners in all of college football. He's got nice legs. Really strong man coverage ability, and he can actually match quickness and speed more than you might realize. He's outstanding Pro Day workout may have sealed his first round status.

Now, on the flip side, he's only got one interception, not that many plays on the ball over his three seasons. But he does have a lot of penalty flags. Gets a little too grabby in coverage, and he's going to have to mind his P's and Q's on that in the NFL. Overall, though, Newsome is an exciting cornerback prospect who really reminds us of William Jackson III who just signed a big deal with the Washington Football Team.