Greg Jennings on which rookie WRs can make an immediate impact

Former NFL receiver Greg Jennings joins Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon to discuss which rookie WRs are poised to make an immediate impact for their NFL teams. Subscribe to the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: I have generally thought that rookie receivers, I think, would be at a big disadvantage just because they haven't had that time to build up the chemistry with the quarterback or whatever. But maybe I'm totally wrong about that. Is there a rookie receiver that you look at out there that might have a chance to make that immediate impact because of this advantage that they might have?

GREG JENNINGS: I wouldn't say that you're wrong about that assessment. Like, when it comes to rookies being able to step in and play and play at a high level right away, it is important for them to have that chemistry and to just develop some form of relationship. But I think a few rookies that come to mind at the receiver position that I feel that will be able to step into a role and make an impact right away is obviously CeeDee Lamb. He's kind of the one that everyone's talked about. Then you have Brandon Aiyuk, who-- and maybe I'm a little biased-- he reminds me a little bit of myself.

MATT HARMON: Interesting.

GREG JENNINGS: Just the way he goes about his business, the way he runs his routes, his ability to catch the ball and make things happen after the plays. But having a quarterback that is going to be dependent on your skill set after you catch the ball versus you just being so star-struck and making sure that your timing is on point, your depth and all those things are locked in-- I think he's going to have one of the greatest impacts, because he's going into a situation where he has an offensive coordinator where they're going to put him in positions to succeed and to be open.

They run the ball better than anyone, arguably-- outside of the Ravens. And we look at what that provides as a young receiver, one on one opportunities, match-ups where a young guy like that who, if you can get the ball in his hands quick, which is what the 49ers like to do with their receivers-- they're not a big shot play team and all of that down the field, they like to get their balls in the receiver's hand between that 6 to 10, 6 to 12-yard range and let them work, I think he can be very, very special have a great quick impact on that roster.