Give your greeting cards a personal touch with these thoughtful and fun DIYs

Handmade greeting cards are personal, thoughtful and easy to make at home with a few basic crafting supplies. In this episode of ITK: Home Hacks, we show you how you can start making friends and family cards for birthdays, holidays, graduations or “just because.” Here are three simple hacks to make DIY greeting cards:

DIY Greeting Card Hack 1: Balloon elephant card

Start by folding two differently colored sheets of paper in half lengthwise. On one of the sheets, trace a heart shape along the folded edge, then cut it out to make the elephant ears. Glue the ears onto the other folded paper, which will be the card. Add a balloon to the center of the ears and decorate with googly eyes, stickers or anything else you have at home.

DIY Greeting Card Hack 2: Fringe card

Again, start by folding differently colored sheets of paper in half lengthwise. Next, measure 1 1/2 inches from the bottom of one sheet of folded paper and draw a line across. Cut narrow strips of fringe up to the line. Glue this onto another folded sheet, and repeat with different lengths of fringe to make a layered card. Then, decorate and personalize the card!

DIY Greeting Card 3: Pop-up cards

Fold a long piece of paper in half, then fold a different piece of paper in half lengthwise and repeat in the other direction. Fold the top corners inwards, then turn the paper around and repeat. Unfold the paper and twist the sides underneath. Glue it to the inside of the folded card to create the pop-up mechanism, then glue a sheet of paper on top of this to decorate the pop-up greeting.

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