Green Hour: Ståle, Rene, and Torgeir Under the Northern Lights

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A project that began in 2020, conceived of by Ståle Sandbech and his brother and photographer, Frode, finally was realized this winter. Four years ago, Ståle and Frode dreamed up a mission to Norther Norway to capture snowboarding beneath the Northern Lights and Green Hour just dropped today.

Rene Rinnekangas and Torgeir Bergrem joined in on the project and in order to capture the fleeting, magical moments of the Northern Lights, the crew traveled to Tromsø, the largest city north of the Arctic Circle in the Nordic countries, about a 23-hour drive from Oslo.

Patience was key, as the guys faced brutal cold, quick changes in atmosphere, and the basic challenge of snowboarding in the dark in order to achieve their ambitions. Their persistence paid off, as they nailed the vision beneath brilliant flashes of green, high in the Arctic Circle.