This Green, Color-Changing Blush Oil Reacts to Your Skin's pH - and I'm Mesmerized

Jessica Harrington

I'm a big flush fanatic. Cream, gel, powdered, stick (even slime!) - I thought I had tried every formula on the market until the BYO Blush Color Changing Blush Oil from Youthforia arrived at my doorstep, and it hit me: I had never tried an oil blush before, let alone a color-changing one.

In all respects, this Youthforia product looks nothing like a blush and a lot more like a lip gloss. For starters, the color in the tube is green, which definitely threw me for a loop. Then there's the applicator - a soft, flat doe-foot brush sits on the end of a screw-off cap. As I said, it heavily resembles a lip product.