Great White Shark Gets Scary Close to Spear Fisherman in California Water

Remember the good ol' days when shark ignorance was bliss?

As surfers, they were on our minds but were easily ignored as we told ourselves naively they just weren't around. Ya know, miles and miles of open ocean but sharks aren't "right here."

There were no drones to prove to us just how often sharks actually are around us, which is 97% of the time according to Cal State Long Beach's Shark Lab. Ignorance really was bliss. They were there, but most of the time, we just didn't know it. Like the videographer in the edit below says, "This scene would've still happened whether my drone was there or not."

In the latest post above from The Malibu Artist, epic drone footage offers a look into a great white hanging out hanging around some spear fisherman and other great whites.

He posted it yesterday and captioned it:

"In this video, we examine a close encounter between spearfishermen & a curious great white shark. In one encounter, the shark gets very close to a fisherman who happens to be swimming next to his day's catch.

"It's a good example of understanding situations that have the potential to be dangerous if situational awareness is not considered."

It starts off with two sharks circling each other. He chooses to follow one into the shallows, where it swims close to three divers, eventually getting super close to one lucky guy.

"For sharks, size is everything," he says, mentioning the concept of "dominance hierarchy" as it relates to sharks.

According to ScienceDirect:

"In some shark populations, the largest individuals are considered to be dominant, as can be seen in many animal populations. This is despite the fact that sharks are not known to maintain or defend home territories from one another, thus dominance must be important for some aspect of behavior.

Press play above to watch a day in the life of a great white shark.


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