Great White Shark Attacks and Kills Surfer in South Australia

A surfer was killed yesterday morning by a great white shark in a crowded lineup while surfing in South Australia, according to 7News.

According to reports, the great white shark was around 13 feet long. Authorities spent the day searching for the victim's body.

"By all accounts the attack was swift and savage, in the blink of an eye the great white picked the 55-year-old victim out of a group of a dozen surfers at Granite Rock near Streaky Bay," a reporter said.

7News posted the clip above this morning and captioned it:

"Search for man’s body after fatal shark attack at Granite Rock, South Australia.

"In a shark attack tragedy on the state's west coast, a surfer has been mauled to death in front of a dozen witnesses at Granite Rock."

According to reporters:

"A heroic jet skier raced into the water to search for the victim, only to find himself circled by the monster great white."

Jeff Schmucker is that jet skier.

Instead, he saw the shark and "came face to face with the massive predator."

"He's a f*cking monster," Schmucker says in the video while looking at the shark from his ski.

Schmucker witnessed the attack.

"It attacked him from the side, and he went under once and came up again and went under again and that was the last that we saw of him," Schmucker says.

Schmucker was able to grab the victim's surfboard.

According to 7News, it had "a bite-sized hole missing from its side and just six inches of leg drop still attached."

He doesn't think they'll find the surfer.

According to 7News, this is the third attack at the beach this year and the second fatal one.

Authorities planned to continue the search for the victim's body until dark and were successful in finding and notifying his family.

This is a developing story.


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