Great Pyrenees 'Adopts' Baby Goat and It's Giving People the Feels

A baby goat abandoned by its mother was in serious trouble. But thankfully, it was found by a female Great Pyrenees and was saved from the worst. The dog is practically the goat's foster mother. And a video of their sweet relationship is absolute perfection.

Bristol has such a big heart. She saw the lonely goat and took the animal under her wing.

As the video her owner shared shows, the Great Pyrenees and the kid could not be more different. But that doesn't mean they haven't bonded like mother and child. The footage shows the livestock guardian dog with the orphaned goat, Clover. The poor baby was rejected by its mother about two months ago.

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Another clip shows Bristol when Clover was first abandoned. She cleaned the goat and treated him like it was her own baby. And ever since the two have been "inseparable," their owner explained. They added that Clover feels "so safe' with Bristol, which is just the best.

People online were here for this unlikely duo. "You've got a friend in me should be the accompanying music," joked one commenter. "That’s her baby and NOBODY better tell her otherwise," another person wrote. "To be raised by a Great Pyrenees is a great honor," a third person added. "Animals amaze me with their compassion and unconditional love they have for each other. What a beautiful gift both are to each other," someone else gushed.

Why Dogs Raise Other Animals

It's not always common for animals to raise other species, so when you see a dog like Bristol raising a goat it really does touch the heart.

It's not totally unheard of, however. Female dogs often "adopt" other animals. Typically they're mammals that release certain pheromones that let adult female dogs know that they're young. Once the mother dog finds a baby animal, she usually will care for them like her own puppy.

If the mother accepts the animal as her own, they spend more and more time together. Eventually that time spent together will turn into a deep bond that will become permanent.

This happens with dogs specifically because dogs are social creatures. They want to bond with anyone; humans, dogs, or even other creatures because they don't love being alone. Their first choice is to bond with other dogs, but in the right circumstances will bond with a non-canine. Dogs are just very accepting. They want to be part of a pack, so will pick up unusual companions to keep them company. That doesn't diminish how sweet this story is, however. Clover is still one lucky goat.

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