Great-Grandma Delighted to Meet Great-Grandson in Surprise Visit

A family conspired to orchestrate a surprise first meeting between baby Ryan and his great-grandmother in West Palm Beach, Florida, on January 1.

Sisters Melissa Scope Toledano, who filmed this video, and Helaine Scope Teuschler told Storyful baby Ryan and his parents traveled by car and train from New York City down to West Palm Beach to surprise their mother, who hadn’t had a chance to meet her great-grandson yet. Teuschler said the family had quarantined prior to the meeting, just to make sure everyone was safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My Mom was really feeling the lonely covid separation after so long without seeing any of us, but it’s been especially difficult for her not getting to meet her Great-Grandson Ryan in person,” wrote Helaine Scope Teuschler on Facebook. “So, my sister and her husband went to visit, and although she thought it was the dog next door coming to hang out and it took a minute or two to sink in, seeing Great-Grandma Gail’s joy when my niece and nephew showed up with her beautiful New Year surprise started our 2021 with a smile in our hearts.” Credit: Melissa Scope Toledano via Storyful