Great Dane Aunt Falls in Love with New Litter of Dachshund Puppies

You know what they say--it takes a village to raise a child. Many mama dogs would agree if they could say so, but there are also many families who do all they can to help when there are new puppies around. If only all mothers had that kind of support!

One lucky Dachshund mama from the Netherlands' Kennel van de Graspeel gets to split up parenting duties with the pups' 'aunts,' two gentle giant Great Danes. The girls love helping out with the puppies whenever they can, and they've been fascinated with the tiny ones ever since they arrived! In this viral January 22 video, though, proud Aunt Zarah gets a good, long look at the babies--and I think she falls in love a little bit, too!

Aww! Zarah is looking at the puppies with so much love. And why wouldn't she? It's practically impossible not to fall in love with those precious babies, especially when they're so rambunctious and sweet. Compared to Mama Dog, who's sitting in the bed with them (she's so small that I didn't notice her the first time around), the three puppies are so small they hardly look real!

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These tiny Dachshund dogs are smaller than the Great Dane's face, which makes this heartwarming encounter just a little bit funny, too. I can't help but wonder what this proud, new Aunt is thinking of the tiny pups! She's proving to everyone that gentle giants do exist, and when the puppies are even older, I'm sure they'll be BFFs with their auntie.

Introducing Puppies to Other Dogs

Even though some dog owners are nervous about introducing puppies to an adult dog they're not related to, there are many ways to ensure a positive interaction. For example, introduce both dogs to each other's scents before they meet face-to-face. This way, they will already be a bit familiar with each other!

It's never a bad idea to let them sniff one another with a baby gate between them if you're feeling nervous. Once your new puppy and older dog are comfortable meeting face-to-face, reduce any chance of disagreements between them in separate locations. For dogs with a history of recourse guarding or reactivity, letting a professional dog trainer lead these interactions may be the smartest idea.

As Aunt Zarah and the sausage dog puppies are proving, though, time and baby steps can set anyone up for success. In fact, she lets the little ones climb all over her before they cuddle up for a nap together, and it really can't get cuter than that. If you haven't fulfilled your daily cuteness quota, though, don't hesitate to check out the Kennel van de Graspeel TikTok page.