A 'Great British Baking Show' Contestant Explained Why The Bakers Wear The Same Clothes 2 Days In A Row

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

From Delish

Watching The Great British Baking Show can bring up a lot of different questions, such as, what is Paul Hollywood so angry about? Or why would anyone choose to make ice cream on an 80-degree day? Also, why aren't all these people my close personal friends? But perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions has to do not with the things they're making, but instead with what the bakers are wearing.

Fans of the show have probably noticed that the bakers wear the same outfit for all three challenges each episode...despite the fact that they frequently talk about how the bakes are split up over two days. In a recent Instagram Q&A, according to Digital Spy, one of this season's bakers and human ray of sunshine Laura Adlington explained why that is.

She explained it's simply a continuity thing, wanting the bakers to look the same all throughout the episode despite it filming on different days. But as you've probably seen (and can guess by the nature of the show), their clothing often gets trashed throughout the first day of filming, which means they have to then make sure that same outfit is all set to go the next morning.

"It was a right pain in the ass having to wash, dry and iron your outfit after a long day of filming," she added. I can only imagine! Guess those aprons only go so far.

Former contestant Selasi Gbormittah also wrote a piece for Metro, explaining that getting his outfits clean for the second day of filming was a whole ordeal: "I was very worried about a sweaty day in the tent so would spent the evening after the first day of filming hand-washing my tops in my hotel room sink with a bar of hotel soap and then dry them on the radiator overnight ready for the next day’s filming.” He also explained that sometimes bakers will buy two of the same items of clothing, but he never did that.

So there you have it! Next time you watch an episode, be sure to marvel at their washing skills as well as their baking skills.

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