Grapeseed Oil is The Up & Coming Skincare Star You Need to Know About

Mia Maguire

Facial oils tend to get a bad rep when it comes to the potential “side effect” of clogging pores and exacerbating excess sebum. As someone with chronically oily skin — regardless of the season or temperature — I can relate to the reluctance to using an oil as opposed to lighter-weight serum or moisturizer. With that being said, I’ve also learned that not all facial oils are created equal. Grapeseed oil skincare products are a non-comodoegenic (meaning that they won’t clog your pores) anti-aging ally that hydrates, firms and clarifies without breaking you out or leaving you feeling like a walking oil slick. In fact, the all-natural — and surprisingly under-the-radar — oil can actually help fight acne and fade scarring...

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