Grandpa King Charles Is Giving Princess Charlotte the 'Grandest' Gift

members of the british royal family attend the commonwealth games
King Charles Gifts Princess Charlotte 'Grand TitleMax Mumby/Indigo - Getty Images

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  • According to a new book by Robert Jobson, King Charles is already preparing for his grandchildren's futures.

  • While young Prince George is in line to be King one day, Princess Charlotte is reportedly expected to receive the title of Duchess of Edinburgh.

  • The title is currently held by Charles's brother Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh.

When your grandfather is the King of England, gifts can get a little "grand." And, at least according to one author, Princess Charlotte is due to receive "one of the grandest titles" as King Charles maps out the Royal Family's future.

GBNews claims that, in a forthcoming book by Robert Jobson, the author reveals that King Charles has already made preparations for the middle child of Prince William and Princess Kate to receive a powerful title years down the line:

"Sensitive to the fact that nine-year-old Prince George's future is already mapped out, Charles has been careful to reserve one of the grandest titles for Princess Charlotte – currently called Lottie by her mother and Mignonette (French for cute little thing) by her father."

As for what this grand title is, Jobson notes, "Although the King has made his brother Edward the new Duke of Edinburgh, the title is only for life. After Edward dies, Charles has made it clear Charlotte (now aged seven) should become Duchess of Edinburgh."

service of thanksgiving for the duke of edinburgh
Princess Charlotte of Cambridge attending a 2022 Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Prince Philip, Duke of EdinburghMax Mumby/Indigo - Getty Images

So, naturally, it's unknown as to when exactly Princess Charlotte will have to assume the gift of the Duchess of Edinburgh title. It's not even entirely certain what things will be like in the actual Edinburgh, Scotland by the time that happens. Nor, thus far, is it clear what role the youngest of William and Kate's kids, Prince Louis, will be expected to play in the decades to come.

The only thing we know for sure is that all three children, as well as their father and many of their relatives, are all key factors in the succession plan of the Royal Family. As it stands now, Prince William is next in line for the throne. Should William be unable to assume the position, the crown is passed to his children in order of birth: George, Charlotte, and then Louis. Only then, if William and all of his descendants are rendered unable to serve, would the crown fall to Prince Harry, followed by Harry's eldest child, Archie. And as we all know, should all of those Royals be unable to ascend at the end of Charles's reign, then the throne will be occupied by King Ralph.

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