Grandpa Who Became Meme for Accidentally Eating Paint Dead at 91

Getty Images

Back in 2019, Bobby Stein became an instantly recognizable face on the internet after his granddaughter Alex shared a photo of him after he accidentally ate paint thinking it was yogurt. In the years after that, she'd sometimes share photos of him and bring social media users everywhere joy.

Bobby might have survived eating paint, but his claim to fame happened toward the end of his life. Alex took to Instagram on Nov. 2 to share that her grandfather died a few months ago.

"Today would’ve been Bobby’s 92nd birthday," Alex wrote. "For those who don’t know, he passed away peacefully in his sleep this June. And though he’s missed tremendously, he really did live a long, happy, healthy, and fulfilling life as a doctor, musician, father, and grandfather."

"He loved nothing more than to make people laugh, so having the internet as his audience truly meant the world to him," she added. "Huge thanks to everyone who’s supported Bobby boy over the years—I’m confident you guys will keep his legend alive."

Commenters on the post shared their condolences with the internet icon's granddaughter. "For some reason watching Bobby’s videos over and over for the past few years has me waving like him, shadow boxing like him, and dancing in my living room like him. What made Bob stand out to me was his childlike personality despite being older. It looks like he made a lot of your moments joyous as he did for me," one person wrote. "This is the worst news I could’ve possibly received today," another said. "My heart is with your family, and I hope there is peace in knowing he brought joy and laughter to so many people."

A 2019 Instagram post after the incident even received renewed attention. "I hope you’re at peace with a pint of yogurt in paradise, Bobby," one person commented after news of his death broke.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, Bobby's memory will never be forgotten.