Grandmother stunned after finding out ‘pinstripe’ pattern on pants was actually curse words

Woman films grandmother’s reaction to finding out legging pattern is actually made up of explicit words (TikTok / @chels_bb)
Woman films grandmother’s reaction to finding out legging pattern is actually made up of explicit words (TikTok / @chels_bb)

A woman has amused viewers on TikTok by sharing the moment her grandmother realised that the leggings she was wearing were actually emblazoned with curse words rather than pinstripes.

In a video posted to the app this week by a woman named Chelsea, who goes by the username @chels_bb, she can be seen zooming in on her grandmother’s black leggings, which at first glance appear to be designed with white pinstripes.

However, as the TikTok shows, the pants are actually decorated with the words “f*** you” written in a tiny print.

“My nana thought these pants were pinstriped,” Chelsea captioned the clip, in which a woman who is likely the TikToker’s mother can be heard telling the older woman: “Nope, they say ‘f*** you,’ Mom.”

The realisation prompted a stunned reaction from Chelsea’s grandmother, who replied with a drawn-out: “Oh my god” as the camera angle panned up to show her horrified expression.

The endearing clip, which has been viewed more than 10.5m times, has been met with amusement from viewers, with one person writing: “Those pants are amazing. Your nana is amazing. All around, everything here is amazing.”

Another person joked: “Nana knew what they said, she had to play it off though.”

The TikTok also prompted a response from Chelsea Handler, who commented: “Whoopsiedoodle.”

In addition to those who found the clip entertaining, there were also numerous viewers who questioned where they could buy the pants worn by Chelsea’s grandmother in the video.

“I’d wear them constantly. Where’d she get them?” one person asked, while another said: “Ok but nana looks awesome in her FU pants. And I need them, so where does your nana shop?”

In a follow-up video, Chelsea addressed the response to her grandmother’s outfit mishap, with the TikToker revealing that she didn’t expect the video to go as viral as it has.

Chelsea also took the opportunity to praise her grandmother, adding: “My nana is just a gem of a person,” before revealing that the leggings can be purchased on RedBubble.

Chelsea then clarified that her grandmother had not been the one to purchase the leggings, as they had actually been bought by her late aunt.

“And when she passed away, my nana took some of her clothes, and she genuinely didn’t know that they said what they said,” she continued.

In another follow-up video, Chelsea revealed that she had been unsuccessful in her attempt to get a discount code for all those who wanted to purchase the leggings after viewing her TikTok.

However, she did note that she planned to buy a pair of the pants for herself.

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