This Grandma Is Going Viral For Her "Bag Of Stuff," And Her Response To Her Newfound Fame Is So Cute But Also Very Funny

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Allie is what I would call a prolific banana bread maker.

She sells her own banana bread creations on her website, Allie's Banana Bread.

And, I mean, come on. This looks divine!!

Allie learned the craft of banana bread making from her grandmother, Grandma Sheila.

grandma sheila is holding up v8 cans
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And lately, Allie's been going viral not for banana bread, but for her "grandma's bag of stuff" series.

grandma sheila and her bag of stuff
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You see, 78-year-old Grandma Sheila loves nothing more than coming over to Allie's house and distributing things from her bag of stuff!

grandma sheila is smiling with her bag of stuff
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She's been going viral on TikTok the past few months, and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite series:

Little pound cakes? She's got 'em.

grandma sheila holding up a plastic bag filled with little pound cakes
@alliesbananabread / Via

Boxes of tissues? No problem!

grandma sheila with 3 boxes of tissues on a coffee table in front of her
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And now she has me wanting a mini pen, because she's got some of those, too!

grandma sheila holding a package of mini pens
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There are currently two other parts to the series:


Because everyone wanted more of grandma Sheila!! And for everyone asking, no this is not a special event. This happens everytime we see her ❤️

♬ original sound - Allie’s Banana Bread

And honestly, I could watch Grandma Sheila's hauls all day:

When asked how she feels about her viral TikTok stardom, Grandma Sheila said:

she says have i ever changed? i am the sdame grandma. it is just no one knew i was a star
Allie's Banana Bread

And when asked about this article, Grandma Sheila said:

it says what is buzzfeed
Allie Banana Bread

What a legend. Gotta love her!

she's holding containers of mini olives
@alliesbananabread / Via

In conclusion, I'll leave you with one more picture of the banana bread, because oh my dear lanta.