Grandma has best reaction to meeting grandbaby for the first time: ‘Such good Grandma energy!’

TikTok is celebrating a grandma for her “good grandma energy” because of her sweet reaction to meeting her grandbaby for the first time.

TikToker Tobin Mitnick shared the touching moment his mother met his baby girl. The grandmother was nervous and excited all at the same time. But when she finally got to hold the newborn, her response said it all.

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Mom, you’re about to meet your grandchild. Are you excited?” Mitnick told her.

The grandmother was worried the baby would cry, but her son assured her that crying is just what babies do.

“She’ll probably cry. She’s a baby. It’s not a reflection on you. I wouldn’t worry about it,” the son explained.

The grandma was ecstatic. Mitnick escorted her into the nursery, where her granddaughter was in the crib. The grandmother completely beamed just from being in the newborn’s presence.

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She asked for permission to hold the little one, and when she picked the baby up, she finally lost it and started to tear up. The baby, however, was as happy as ever to meet Grandma, not a single tear in sight.

“You were worried that SHE was gonna cry?” the father said.

People were moved by the grandma’s reaction and her respect for the parents.

“This grandma is so pure. I love that she asks permission to hold the baby. So sweet and respectful,” a user said.

“Such good grandma energy!” someone added.

“The kind of grandma I want to be!!! This is so sweet and so much respecting of boundaries,” another wrote.

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