For Gracie Abrams, Every Day on Tour With Taylor Swift Is Like Christmas

Gracie Abrams quite literally dreams of Chanel. “The last show that I got to see was in Paris and the setting was a very magical environment that I’ve had two dreams about since,” she says. The 23-year-old singer is taking a break from opening for Taylor Swift on her Eras tour to attend the Chanel cruise 2024 show in her hometown of Los Angeles. “It’s rare to be home right now and the fact that I get to be home in general, but, like, for Chanel is such an honor,” she says, standing on the balcony of her hotel room, which overlooks the hills’ lush greenery and the entire west side of the city. “They've been so kind to me and have continuously lent me pieces that I have just felt so in my skin while performing, and I think it's really special.” 

Just hours before Virginie Viard’s latest collection was set to debut at Paramount Studios, Abrams welcomed Vogue into her room at the Hotel Bel-Air as she prepared for the night’s festivities. As the sounds of Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die spilled out of her room, Abrams—dressed in a billowing white nightgown and black flats—looked as though she was an angel at the gates of heaven. “Every time we are together we listen to strictly Lana,” she says, gesturing to her glam team: hairstylist Bobby and makeup artist LJ. The trio have grown so comfortable together that throughout the getting ready process, Abrams’s tears of laughter threaten to smudge her impeccable cat eye. But by the end of the hair and makeup process, the songstress is an apparition of a ’60s supermodel. 

Contrasting her more accentuated glam, Abrams selects a more casual look that meets at the intersection of her personal style and tour outfits. “I'm normally a jeans and T-shirt person all the time,” she says. But lately she’s been playing with more feminine pieces. “My priority is being able to move and breathe the most freely on stage,” she adds. “So the dresses and the flats and all that definitely feels a little bit newer, but I've never been more comfortable.” Tonight, Abrams has chosen to wear a black pussybow blouse with even more bows adorning her wrists, and dark wash jeans patterned with Chanel’s iconic interlocking C’s. “This blouse is one of my favorite things I've ever been able to wear,” she says. A pink and black tweed purse dangles from her wrist, and a pair of earrings complete the bow motif, a callback to the large velvet hair bows she wears onstage.

While cutting her teeth as an opener, Abrams has learned a great deal from her mentor, Swift. (She cites an acupressure mat that Swift recommended as a particular saving grace.) But she has perhaps been most awed by the diehard Swifties, who have welcomed her with open arms. “I haven't worried about judgment because her audience is so amazing,” she says. “Everyone who's there is there to absorb the storytelling in music and so it’s nice to feel free.” Not to mention, she adds, “it's like Christmas every single time I've played a show.” Fans have gifted her letters, handmade jewelry, and (perhaps best of all) heaps and heaps of memorabilia related to her beloved rescue dog, Weenie—from ceramics to sweatpants, and even salt and pepper shakers that recently earned a feature on her Instagram story. “It's so especially nice to receive when you're far away from home and missing everything. It's like, okay, I immediately feel like back in my safe space.” But today, Abrams is home, both physically and mentally. “I feel very at home in this outfit,” she says as she prepares to head out the door. 

Directed by Sam Sussman
Dirctor of Photography Jon Corum
Sound Kari Barber

Originally Appeared on Vogue

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