Don't miss out on these 'tailwaggingly' good treats that are as low as $10

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This Labrador retriever balances a dog treat on his nose, eager for a bite.
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They say you shouldn’t spoil your children, but how can we help it when our dogs look at us with literal puppy dog eyes? Spoiling your pet with love, affection and treats is just second nature when you love your fur baby more than anything.

Check out these treats that are sure to have your dogs saying ‘bone-appetit.’ From chicken jerky treats to chicken-flavored training treats to crunchy peanut butter biscuits, these snacks are ‘paw-sitively’ perfect for every kind of pups. Check them out here.

Don’t ‘fur-get’ to treat your fur-baby before these deals expire

(Source: Amazon)
(Source: Amazon)

$15.99 at Amazon

If your dog loves to chew, these oven-baked chicken jerky strips are a perfect option. The number 1 ingredient is whole muscle chicken, making these jerky treats chewier than others. These treats are sure to keep your dog occupied and happy, giving them an outlet for their chewing instincts. These treats are made without added grain, soy, corn, wheat, artificial flavors or artificial colors.

(Source: Amazon)
(Source: Amazon)

$12.79 at Amazon

Anyone who has trained a puppy knows that treats are a necessity for reinforcing good behavior. These training treats are perfect for rewarding your pup without overindulging them. They’re bite-sized and super-soft, giving them just a taste and leaving them eager for more. The number one ingredient is chicken, so you can rest assured that there’s absolutely no added soy, corn, wheat, artificial colors or artificial flavoring in these training treats.

(Source: Amazon)
(Source: Amazon)

$10.72 at Amazon

These crunchy dog biscuits are perfect for fur babies who like to munch. Made with real peanut butter, they’re guaranteed to have no added meat or poultry by-products, no grain, corn, soy, wheat or egg. Instead, they’re baked with fruits and veggies to keep your dog happy and healthy. The crunchy texture also aids their dental health.

These ‘paw-some’ treats will have dogs of all breeds wagging their tails for more – better yet, they’re all on sale and for less than $20. Be sure to grab them before these deals expire.