Here's What You Need to Know About This Year's Kentucky Derby

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It's almost Derby time! Kentucky Derby time, that is!

We're so close to America's biggest horse racing event, and ready to dive into our favorite Derby Day meals! (Do you know which Kentucky Derby dish is most popular in your state?) 😋

While horse racing can be somewhat of a niche liking, it's also a great excuse to sip on a mint julep! But if you're one who gets joy from perfectly predicting a superfecta—you know just how exciting the Derby can be. Though, you don't *really* need to know what a "shadow roll" is... or even what it means when one of the 20 horses just “dropped in for a tag” to enjoy the race. The Kentucky Derby is fascinating for so many other reasons! Have you seen the crowds of onlookers in extravagant hats, vibrant spring attire, and blooming floral dresses?! It's clear that Derby fashion is a statement in itself!

To date, the Kentucky Derby is one of the oldest (and still running) American sporting events. It dates back to 1875! And if you plan on watching it this year (whether that be in-person or at home from your TV), there are a few things you should know! Like, when is the Kentucky Derby? And how can you watch it at home? Read on for all these answers and more!

What day is the 2023 Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby always takes place at Churchill Downs on the first Saturday of May. So that means this year, the 149th annual Kentucky Derby falls on Saturday, May 6. So, clear your plans, place your bets, and don't forget the pimento cheese!

when is the kentucky derby 2023
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Who is favored to win the Kentucky Derby?

There are a bunch of calculations, favors, and opinions—but when it comes to statistics, numbers are numbers. With that said, only 20 horses make the final cut. And according to CBS Sports, Forte—an American Thoroughbred racehorse—is the steed favored to win the 2023 Kentucky Derby. Forte currently has the best odds, winning the most consecutive races. Following in what's known as the "big three" are horses Tapit Trice and Practical Move. You can see the entire list of competing horses and their odds at Horse Racing Nation.

How can I watch the Kentucky Derby?

If you don't plan to be one of the 150,000+ people in attendance—you can watch the 2023 Kentucky Derby from 12 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on NBC,, the NBC Sports app, and Peacock!

How much does it cost to go to the Kentucky Derby?

And if you *do* plan on joining the large crowd in Louisville, Kentucky, then you're probably wondering how much it'll cost. Well, prices vary... a lot! And it also matters when you buy your ticket, too. Anyone wanting a "Kentucky Derby General Admission Ticket" and reading this after April 18 will pay $82. Anyone deciding to buy a "Kentucky Derby General Admission Ticket" day-of will see their total come to $87. However, there are multiple ticket packages and seating experiences, all of which are different prices.

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