Governors of N.Y., N.J. and Conn. announce 14-day quarantine for visitors from states with high coronavirus rates

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, appearing with New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and Conn. Gov. Ned Lamont, announced that visitors to those three states who come from states with high infection rates of coronavirus will have to quarantine for 14 days.

Video Transcript

ANDREW CUOMO: We now have to make sure that the rate continues to drop. And that's what keeps me up at night and I'm sure keeps them up at night. So we have to make sure we're doing everything and we're diligent and our citizens are diligent. We also have to make sure the virus doesn't come in on a plane again. Learned that lesson. Been there, done that.

So we're announcing today a joint travel advisory. People coming in from states that have a high infection rate must quarantine for 14 days. And we have a calibration for the infection rate, and any state that goes over that infection rate, that state will be subject to the quarantine.

It's only for the simple reason that we worked very hard to get the viral transmission rate down. We don't want to see it go up because a lot of people come into this region and they could literally bring the infection with them. It wouldn't be malicious or malevolent, but it would still be real.

So we are jointly instituting that travel advisory today. Because what happens in New York happens in New Jersey happens in Connecticut.

Infection rate formula will be 10 per 100,000 on a seven-day rolling average or 10% of the total population positive on a seven-day rolling average. So any state that has an infection rate above that would require a 14-day quarantine.

As of today, the states that are above that level are Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Utah, Texas. That's as of today. The states themselves can change as the infection rate changes. And we will update daily what states are above that infection rate.

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