Government's Decision to Allow Dogs at Outdoor Restaurants Sparks Debate

In a total win for dog lovers who also love delicious brunch served with delicious bottomless mimosas, The Food and Drug Administration issued new guidance saying restaurants can allow dogs in their outdoor spaces as long as they have local approval.

Not everyone who loves delicious bottomless mimosas is thrilled about this decision. ABC7 reported the following video.

The FDA still says that dogs should not actually go inside restaurants, unless they are service dogs. As for other pets, whatever they may be, the FDA's guidance does not permit those animals to join their owners. Ultimately, the choice is left to states, localities and restaurants themselves to decide if they want pooches to dine alfresco on patios.

Personally, I'm one of those dog-lovers who gets REAL EXCITED when I see a dog when I'm led to my patio table. I've been known to ask politely if I can pet said dog and if the dog is especially ridiculously cute, if I can take a photo of said dog. Then I send the photo to my kid or my husband and exclaim I SAW A DOG.

I get why some people are not so thrilled over this news, whether that's due to shedding or concern a particularly lazy dog may trip a waiter or if someone has a fear of dogs.

Over on the Facebook, a commenter made a valid point with, "To the woman that said she expects to dine out without dog hair, fleas, etc., well, I expect to eat out without having the occasion ruined by other peoples unruly children, but it is what it is. And it all comes back to the owners & parents letting their 2 & 4 legged darlings do whatever they want and not making any effort to make them behave or correct bad behavior. It’s irresponsible pet-parenting that ruins it for everyone else."

I agree with all of that. As long as your dog is clean and well-behaved and not barking at everyone and isn't peeing all over the floor I will welcome any and all doggy dining companions.

The same goes for people's kids. As long as they are clean and quiet and not peeing all over the floor, kids are cool too.

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