De Gournay Just Launched Free Digital Stationery—and We Are Completely Obsessed

de gournay painting
How to Get de Gournay Stationary on Your PhoneCourtesy of HiNOTE

These days, there are very few things that bring a smile to our face when we look at our phones, but a thoughtfully crafted mobile invitation on de Gournay wallpaper certainly will. It's no secret that the VERANDA team is enchanted by de Gournay; the pure joy, vibrant color and utter elegance the bespoke wallpapers offer gives so much to the design world. Now, anyone can have a piece of de Gournay beauty with its unique line of digital stationery made in partnership with the app HiNOTE. The best part? It's completely free!

The beautiful painted stationery is illustrated with whimsical scenes of flora and fauna that can be completely personalized to your liking. The collaboration is set to run through November 26, and we’ll surely be using the invitations for cocktail hours, book clubs and Thanksgiving celebrations until then.

graphical user interface, application
Courtesy of HiNOTE

“The beauty of our de Gournay HiNOTEs is that they can be used for any occasion—as a personalized invitation, social note, or greeting,” CEO and co-founder of the app, Alexis Trania, explains. “The de Gournay x HiNOTEs allow you to always send your very best, with beauty and polish.”

For those unfamiliar with HiNOTE, it’s an app that’s available for your mobile device designed to bring some elegance to the everyday. Trainia shares, “We knew we deserved better than text bubbles and emojis.” For this reason, she says that HiNOTE created chic and modern communication that's able to be completely personalized.

“The de Gournay collaboration was on our vision board since day one,” Trania shares. “We are huge fans of their magical wallpapers and loved the idea of bringing old-world, hand-painted beauty to the modern, digital world of communication.”

a yellow and white floral wall paper
Courtesy of HiNOTE

Since its launch in 2022, the HiNOTE has been a celebrity favorite with major influencers such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Oprah endorsing the app, but it has also made a prominent mark on the design world with stunning collaborations.

“Collaborations are a specialty of ours—in the past year, we have collaborated with over 20 cultural luminaries—including Entertaining with Aerin Lauder, Baby with Marie-Chantal, Bon Vivant Texting with Ken Fulk, Polished Texting with Emily Post Institute, Holiday Entertaining with Houses & Parties and more,” Trania reveals. “These collaborations allow cultural authorities and brands to become an authentic part of their audience’s digital communication and personal alignment.”

To add a de Gournay touch to your daily life, download the HiNOTE app and click on the de Gournay Collection banner at the top of the app’s homepage. Happy texting!

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