I Got the Kardiel Sectional That’s Been on Your Mood Board—Here’s How It Transformed My Living Room

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Um, This Bouclé Sectional Kinda Changed My LifeHearst Owned

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Confession: I’ve moved five times since college graduation. The real estate market in New York City is a total minefield, so finding one halfway decent apartment is a challenge, and finding one you love enough to re-sign on year after year is damn near impossible. So naturally, I’ve purchased cheap furniture instead of the gorgeous sofas, coffee tables, and chair ottomans I have on my Pinterest board. Why furnish my temporary apartment with investment pieces when I’ll probably just have to get rid of them in a few months when my lease is up, right?

But alas! I cracked the code last year. I secured a spacious apartment with a doorman and an elevator, a newly-renovated kitchen, and tons of natural lighting (aka the dream for New Yorkers). Better yet? Instead of moving into it with friends like I have in the past, I moved into it with the love of my life! So to recap: My boyfriend and I signed a long-term lease together for the very first time on an absolutely beautiful apartment that we want to stay in for the foreseeable future.

kardiel cosmo loves

At that point, I realized I was doing #adulting things and needed adult-ish furniture to support me in this new stage of life. So when Kardiel—a luxury furniture brand that specializes in modern, handmade designs and small-batch manufacturing—reached out asking me to test one of their pieces, I obviously said yes.

Given our dire need for living room furniture (my boyfriend also tossed his old couch before the move), I chose the absolutely gorgeous Domus 155" 3-piece U-Chaise Sofa Sectional in the Blanc Boucle colorway. And let me tell ya, it's truly the best thing I've ever owned ... I literally online shop for a living, so that's saying A LOT. Keep reading for all the deets on the sectional that completely transformed my apartment and will last me and my boyfriend through this stage of life (and every stage after!).

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Domus 155" 3-Piece U-Chaise Sofa Sectional





It's so freaking chic

Okay, obviously this sectional is absolutely beautiful. But let’s break it down a bit. The Domus features a clean-line, low-profile silhouette that looks effortlessly cool and elegant without overwhelming the room. The looped yarn boucle upholstery will instantly add texture to your living space, which takes the guesswork out of decorating. Even if you opt for an all-neutral color scheme like I did, the space won’t feel one-note or incomplete with a textured focal point. I mean, my living room basically designed itself after I got the Domus! Plus, it comes with four matching pillows.

It's huge

I knew I loved this sectional the moment I laid eyes on it. I knew I was obsessed with this sectional when we hosted a housewarming party and 10 (yes, 10!) of our friends could sit comfortably on it at the same time. To put things into perspective, here are the *official dimensions* of the Domus: 155 inches long x 77.2 inches deep x 31.5 inches high. So like I said, it's huge but never looks bulky because it sits low to the ground). Plus, the modular design makes it easy to create your own seating configuration. All three pieces are super lightweight, so you can rearrange them whenever you need to.

It's easy to clean

The Domus is described as stain-resistant, as well as family- and pet-friendly. But that doesn't make the thought of owning a white sectional any less scary. I'm pretty messy and ... uh, accident-prone? ... myself when it comes to spilling things so, believe me, I was nervous.

kardiel cosmo loves
Just my dream living room looking like a viral Pinterest photo, no big deal.Hanna Flanagan

Much to my surprise, the ingenious boucle completely disguises snags and minor spots that would normally stick out like a sore thumb on a light-colored couch. What's more, if you do have a major spill, boucle is a low-absorption fabric so it'll come right out if you blot it with a wet cloth and a bit of detergent or dish soap. I'm now convinced that the only realistic and manageable way to own a white sofa, couch, or sectional is if it's available in boucle.

It's super lounge-able

I've always considered myself to be more of a sofa gal, TBH. But now that I've experienced the magic of a sectional, I'm never going back. Whether I'm having a chill work-from-home day, a wine night with friends, or a lazy Sunday binge-watching my favorite show, the spacious, double chaise setup is absolutely premium. Especially if you live with a partner or roommate! The fleece-like boucle is soft and cozy, plus the deep foam cushions are super comfy while still providing plenty of support.

It's easy to assemble

Look, I'm barely capable of carrying my packages from my lobby to my elevator to my apartment front door, so you better believe that white glove delivery was a non-negotiable for me. And let me tell ya, Kardiel delivered! It took all of 20 minutes for my delivery person to get the sectional inside my apartment building, up the elevator, and fully assembled in my living room. All three pieces arrived well-wrapped and in pristine condition—no scuffs, stains, or loose threads. 'Twas truly a 10/10, stress-free experience!

It's on sale

At the time of publication, this couch is a whopping 25% off! That's right, folks. You can snag it right now for $4,297 instead of the original price of $5,720. J'adore!

kardiel cosmo loves


It's expensive af

There's no way around it—this sectional is really freaking expensive. At full price, it's nearly $6,000! I totally understand that shelling out that much money for a piece of furniture is unthinkable for some and a huge decision for others. But if you're in a similar position as I am—settling down, investing in your future, building a forever home, etc.—making smart and intentional purchases is super important. Why continue buying shabby sofas that fall apart year after year when you could save up and invest in a well-made, durable one that'll last you forever? (Like, literally because it comes with a lifetime warranty.) Food for thought!

This sectional was gifted, so I'm sure you're all wondering right about now if I would actually shell out thousands of dollars to buy it for myself. Well, let's cut to the chase: I simply cannot afford to spend nearly $6,000 on a sectional at the moment. But—and that's a big but—had I not been gifted this sectional, I would be spending all of 2023 saving my money and plotting out my finances so that I could eventually make it happen. All that to say: Is the Kardiel Domus a splurge purchase that requires a lot of thought and planning? Yes. But is it 100 percent worth the money for people who are looking for forever furniture? A-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y.

It's pretty firm for the first few months

The Domus would fall in between the medium-firm and firm categories if you placed it on a traditional mattress firmness scale that goes from super-plush to soft to medium-firm to firm. Of course, whether or not this is actually a con is completely subjective—as someone who prefers a pretty firm bed, it doesn't bother me at all. And if you need support on your back and joints when you're lounging for long periods of time, you'll probably agree with me! But my boyfriend, who's used to an older couch with sink-in-when-you-sit cushions, wishes our new sectional was a bit softer. Regardless, like most sectionals on the market, it'll soften up a bit after several weeks of use (without ever losing its shape).

It's on pre-order

One of the most impressive things about my Kardiel experience was the shipping time. When I ordered my Domus a few months ago, it arrived in just three weeks, which is practically a miracle in the world of sectionals (IYKYK). However, unfortunately, the Blanc Bloucle colorway is now on pre-order and won’t be back in stock until April 15 (the Petrol Velvet, Gris Boucle, Ebony Leather, and Chesnut Leather colorways are still in stock and available to ship today!).

kardiel cosmo loves

It's sad news for sure, but dare I say you’ll probably find yourself in a similar situation if you look elsewhere? These days, shipping delays are the name of the game when it comes to furniture shopping, and that's just a fact of life. Sigh.

The bottom line

Phew! That was a lot of information, so let's wrap it up with some highlights and my final thoughts. The Kardiel Domus Sectional has been an absolutely s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g addition to my living room and, honestly, my entire life. The modern aesthetic (made possible by the sleek, no-fuss design, low-profile silhouette, and trendy white upholstery) is obviously a huge selling point. But it's so much more than meets the eye—the Domus is also so comfy, spacious, durable, extremely well-made, and easy to clean. Sounds ideal, right? The only not-so-dreamy factor to consider is the price. Y'all, $6,000 for a sectional is steep (even the 25% off sale price of $4,297 is pretty painful). So here's my advice to you: First, consider your wants and needs in this stage of life. If you've settled down in a long-term home and apartment, it's probably time to invest in high-quality furniture you can keep forever. Next, save, save, save! Sit down, take a look at your finances, and figure out if this purchase is actually feasible. Then, if it is, add the Kardiel Domus Sectional to your cart and rest easy knowing it will be worth the splurge.

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