These Gorgeous Red Aloe Plants Look Like Fireworks and We're Obsessed

Kelly Corbett
Photo credit: Instagram / Little Succulent Shop
Photo credit: Instagram / Little Succulent Shop

From House Beautiful

If you're looking to add some energy into your garden, we've got a new plant on our radar that's straight fire. Aloe cameronii, sometimes called red aloe, is a type of succulent native to Africa characterized by its vibrant foliage, according to Gardenia.

The curled leaves of Aloe cameronii can range in color from green to a bright, coppery red. Unlike other succulents, these bad boys are outdoors only, as they typically grow between one to two feet high and two to four feet wide. Fortunately, they're an evergreen plant and require very little maintenance or water. Gardenia recommends growing them in sandy or gravely, well-drained soil in either full sun or light shade. These plants grow well in warmer temperatures. Their ideal range is 9 to 12 based off the USDA's Plant Hardiness Zone Map.

While Aloe cameronii originated in Africa, they can be found in the United States. They're most common in states like California and Florida, where you can probably find them at your local nursery. However, is currently selling them here. If you're looking try your hand at growing your own, the seeds are available for purchase here.

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