These Gorgeous Butterfly Makeup Looks Are What Your Halloween Needs

Brooke Shunatona
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Photo credit: Instagram: @agnesagustinn, @butterfly_artistry
Photo credit: Instagram: @agnesagustinn, @butterfly_artistry

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Look around! Butterflies are evvverywhere right now. Wait, let me clarify—I'm not referring to the little insects that fly around; I'm talking about the butterfly trends that have once again taken over all things style and beauty, from butterfly tattoos and clips to butterfly makeup. And hey, I get it! With all the cool colors, designs, and shapes, butterflies make for the perfect beauty inspiration, which means you don't even need an excuse like Halloween or a special occasion to paint yourself like one (but it would make for an A+ costume, just sayin'), which is good news because once you see the below nine butterfly makeup looks, you won't want to wait to try 'em.

1. A classic monarch

The trick to drawing diffused butterfly wings around your eyes is all in the order that you apply the makeup. First, choose the colors you want to incorporate (for a classic monarch butterfly, go with golds, oranges, and yellows). Then, use a fluffy blending brush to cover the lid with the different yellow shades, bringing the shadow outside of the outer corner of your top and bottom lashes. Once you've applied your color, go in with a black liquid eyeliner to create the shape of the wings and add details and designs. For the finishing touch, glue tiny pearls with eyelash glue to create the white spots.

2. Purple and blue butterfly wings

For a really sharp wing, follow the same steps as above, but swap out that fluffy brush for a small, compact eye makeup brush for more precision placement of the shadows. Then, follow along the edge of the pigment with your liner to outline your wings and fill in the designs you want. To get perfect white dots, this YouTuber has a genius hack: Use a nail dotter tool. Dip the point of your tool into white liquid eyeliner and tap it onto your eyelid to create your designs. For the final step, load up your lashes with a colored mascara in a matching blue shade.

3. Baby-blue butterfly wings

For these teeny-tiny wings, start with the eyeliner first to draw out your shapes, and then follow with the eyeshadow and a fine-tip brush to fill it in with your color. To add a cool gradient like this, use multiple brushes (a brush per shade) when applying so you can blend the pigments without making the color muddy or getting it outside the lines.

4. Winged cut crease

Do you know how to do a cut crease? Then you know how to do this butterfly makeup look, promise! If you want pigment that really pops and lasts, use colored eyeliner in a gel formula and apply it like you would a cream eyeshadow. Once you have your colors placed, layer bright, shimmery or glittery eyeshadows on top to add dimension. Then, use your black and white eyeliners to define that cut crease and design those wings.

5. Butterfly eye mask face paint

If you struggle with getting classic winged eyes to look symmetrical, then you might look at this makeup look and consider it impossible. But there's a simple trick: This YouTuber uses a brow pencil to first lightly trace the shape of the wings before laying down any bold pigment or dark liner. Once you have your shape mapped out, then you can go back with costume makeup and start applying your color. To set the cream makeup, blend matching eyeshadow shades over the top. Once your colors are set, you finish with the black outline and designs and white dots.

6. Fluttery butterfly makeup

If you've read the above tutorials, you know how to use makeup to create butterfly wings by this point. But if you really want to take your look to the next level, add fluffy, voluminous false lashes to make your eyelashes flutter just like an actual butterfly's wings.

7. One-winged butterfly

If you don't have the patience it takes to create to symmetrical winged eye looks, just go with one! It looks just as good (see tutorial above for proof). For a look like this, focus the pigment on the outer corner of your eye, but split it between your upper eyelid area and your lower. For this smokey eye butterfly look, the more blended and diffused the pigment, the better. Instead of tracing outside of the pigment, bring the eyeliner in slightly when you draw your wings for a more diffused look.

8. 3-D butterfly wings

Butterfly makeup isn't just for eye makeup. You can draw those butterflies anywhere you want on your face. And if you want to create the effect of a butterfly flying around you, add a 3-D effect. Just start by drawing your butterflies with eyeliner and eyeshadow, then blend a brown eyeshadow around one side of the butterfly to create a realistic-looking shadow.

9. Butterfly princess

For a slightly more subtle eye look, only draw the butterfly wing along the upper lashes and leave the lower lashes bare. Then, use all that extra time and energy to paint your upper body with butterfly motif. Pro tip: Switch to body paint for this part or you'll go through a zillion felt-tip eyeliners to get the right amount of coverage.

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