Gordon Ramsay Says His Restaurants Have Lost Roughly $80 Million During The Pandemic

Photo credit: Darren Gerrish - Getty Images
Photo credit: Darren Gerrish - Getty Images
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From Delish

The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating effects on many industries, and perhaps one of the worst-hit is the restaurant industry. Gordon Ramsay recently surveyed the financial damage to his own restaurant empire and said that he estimates that his restaurants have lost roughly $80 million as a result of the lockdowns.

England has experienced three different lockdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and restaurants are not expected to reopen for outdoor dining until at least April and indoor until May. Gordon recently told The Sun that he lost millions of dollars basically overnight as a result of having to temporarily shutter his England restaurants in December.

“In December we had £10 million ($14 million) worth of reservations wiped out overnight," he told them, later adding that from the beginning of the pandemic hitting the U.K. until now, his restaurants have lost about £57.5million (roughly $81 million) in turnover. He said the lockdowns have "caused utter devastation."

"Having been through so much with the 2008 financial crash, then terrorist attacks and 9/11, when COVID first hit, we all thought it would be over and done with in a couple of weeks," he told them, but added that it's been "long-haul."

Gordon currently operates 18 restaurants in London, and plans to open up five additional spots once lockdowns are over. He also has another 17 around the world. Gordon said he took advantage of the U.K.'s "furlough scheme" in order to try and save jobs, but noted that it's been especially difficult for his employees. "

"There have been so many tears, people at their wits' end," he said.

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