Gordon Ramsay responds to viral 'demon' burger on TikTok: 'You're joking'

A chef’s bizarre face-shaped burger has TikTok in a frenzy.

Home chef @myjanebrain earned top chef Gordon Ramsay’s comedic ire with her unconventional recipe. The face-shaped burger with “mashed potatoes” made out of potato chips received 4.6 million views and much disgust from anyone who saw it.

The home chef arranged ground beef into a smiley face in a pan. Then she added egg yolks into its eyes and mouth.

She put Lays and Ruffles chips around the meat and added light cream, parsley and a tri-blend cheese. Next, she placed a lid on top so the chips would steam and turn into “mashed potatoes.”

When the food was ready, she ate it with a fork and knife.

“Let’s see how good this turned out,” she said before taking a bite. “Oh yeah, now that is a burger.

“I need Gordon Ramsay on this ASAP,” a user wrote.

“This has to be against the Geneva convention,” another said.

“This should lower your credit score,” someone added.

“How to cast a demon In the kitchen,” a person commented.

“Day 30: Still I wake nightly, in a cold sweat, the haunted visage of the meat face the last thing I recall of my tormented dreams,” a TikToker replied.

Eventually, Ramsay did share his thoughts on the video. The world-renowned chef did not hold back.

Kid, you’ve lost the plot!” Ramsay joked. “No, you’re joking… you need a trash can… What are you doing to me? Young lady, you need to see a doctor!”

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