Gordon Hayward on his latest injury, possible departure from the bubble

The Boston Celtics forward spoke on Thursday following his recent ankle injury and his decision on when to leave Orlando with a child on the way.

Video Transcript

GORDON HAYWARD: I mean, it's definitely gutting. It sucks. There's nothing else to say about that. So it's definitely frustrating. Doesn't feel great at the moment. Just trying to get better as soon as I can.

I knew right away. I heard it and felt it and knew it wasn't just your casual rolled ankle. I mean, it immediately-- it was swollen by the time I was leaving the court, so I knew it was definitely worse than normal.

As far as timeline, it's kind of up in the air. I think it's kind of just how my body responds to the rehab and all that stuff. So it's hard to say. I mean, no one knows, really.

- Gordon, obviously you have some other personal family stuff that you're waiting on, also. Does this injury impact at all when you would potentially decide to go home, or is it kind of two separate things, still?

GORDON HAYWARD: I mean, I think it's two separate things, but it's something that we're-- you know I'm taking a look at, and-- I mean, it's just very unfortunate that it's the timing of the whole ordeal. And so I think, just try to take it day by day. And we're looking at scheduling for the baby and all that stuff. So it's taking it day by day.