GoPro Selects Two Surfers as Winners of Grom Quest Contest

GoPro just wrapped up a video-submission-based contest they’re calling the Grom Quest. The endeavor sought to find young athletes, aged 9 to 17, who are part of the next generation of action sports talent. Now the search is over, and GoPro has selected eight winners to sponsor. The Grom Quest roster includes athletes from across the action sports spectrum, two of which were surfers: Ned Hart and Axel Dominguez.

Ned Hart, 17, is from Dunsborough, Western Australia, and has been making a name for himself as a budding big-wave surfer. In 2023, he won the Young Gun Big Wave Award, and was a finalist in several other Australian surfing awards. As you can see in the edit above, he’s already logged an impressive amount of tube-time.

Meanwhile, Axel Dominguez has been on a different path, fighting his way through the competition circuit. The 16-year-old, who hails from Hossegor, France, finished 4th in the European Championship and is currently ranked 17th on the ISA World Junior Surfing Championship.

Though they are both already well on their way to what seems like promising surfing careers (and are perhaps stretching the common understanding of the word ‘grom,’ but that’s neither here nor there), having GoPro in their corner should go a ways to accelerate that.

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