Google’s Nest Security Cameras Are the Cheapest They’ve Ever Been on Amazon

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Photo credit: Best Products; Courtesy Google
Photo credit: Best Products; Courtesy Google

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They say that home is where the heart is—so it’s important to keep your space and belongings as safe as possible. Sure, you can lock and deadbolt your doors, but if you’re looking for some extra peace of mind, you should invest in some easy-to-setup security cameras. Fortunately, Amazon is currently having a super sale on Google’s Nest cameras.

Decked out with high-definition resolution, these cameras are designed to record and monitor your home’s surroundings all day long. (Not only are these options night vision-friendly, but they also store up to 60 days of footage, so you won’t miss a thing.)

And, since the Nest collection is powered by Google, you can trust that these cameras are just about as smart as it gets. In fact, these cameras can tell the difference between an animal, a human, and a package—plus, it will send you a notification if they spot something suspicious.

Best of all? You can create your own custom system that’s unique to your space. Want to set up a few in your home? The Nest Indoor Wired cameras have you covered. You can also protect your perimeter with one of the outdoor cameras, which can be attached to your home’s facade. Or, if you want a security camera that can do double duty, there’s a Nest option that also acts as a doorbell. (Read: porch pirates are no match for your home.)

Normally, Google’s Nest security cameras cost anywhere from $100 to $180; however, Amazon is slashing the price of all models. And according to a price tracking site called CamelCamelCamel, the indoor, outdoor, and doorbell options are the cheapest they’ve ever been on Amazon. A budget-savvy way to keep your home safe? Mic drop.

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