Google Adds New Shopping Features to Level Up Holiday Giving

You could gift some real deals this season

Holiday budgets are tight, but Google might be able to help you check some things off your gift list for less.

Online shopping can be a pain, especially when you're trying to find the best deal on an item, but Google just added some new shopping features that might help.

Just in time for the holidays, Google has revamped its shopping tab in Search again. This year, the new features include a dedicated deals page, active promotion notifications on "Resume browsing" cards, price insights in Chrome on the desktop, and price tracking on products you're searching for.

<p>Google</p> Chrome Resume Browsing Deal Notifications


Chrome Resume Browsing Deal Notifications

"Eight in ten holiday shoppers say it's important to them to find a good deal on holiday gifts, and more than half plan to compare prices online to ensure they find a good deal," Danielle Buckley, Google's Director of Product, wrote in the blog post announcing the updates.

That may be why the most exciting part of this announcement seems to be the deals page. To access this page, you just need to do a Google search for "shop deals." You can even use a more specific search, like "shop electronics deals." The result will be a Shopping page in Google that lists the top deals within that topic. You can also scroll through several categories, including apparel, home & garden, toys & games, and more.

<p>Google</p> Shopping Deals in Search


Shopping Deals in Search

Google claims the deals page "now organizes millions of promotions from thousands of brands and retailers."

Even if you don't find the deal you want, Google has added some features that might help. For example, when you open Google Search in your Chrome browser, the Resume Browsing cards at the bottom of the search page will reflect the products you've been looking at. If there's an active promotion on one of those items, Google will highlight that in the card. Or if you're looking at a product online, you might see a Discount tag icon in the address bar. Click that tag to see available discount codes.

<p>Google</p> Chrome Browser Price Tracking


Chrome Browser Price Tracking

One last thing, Google added a price tracker to Search and Chrome. When searching for a product, you'll see a bell icon next to the product name. If you click that bell, you'll be notified via text and/or email if the price drops.

These features are available starting today in Google Search and Google Chrome for Desktop.

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