Good News: Venus Is in Cancer, And It's Basically a Cosmic Vacation

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Venus enters Cancer on June 2, beginning a three-week period to focus on nourishing our comfort zones. This is a great time to enjoy our families, rest, relaxation, and all of our favorite foods. Venus in Cancer wants to bring stability to inner relationships by building up vulnerability and safety with your loved ones. Spend the next couple weeks increasing all the things that make you feel safe and stable in an intimate way. Mark your calendar: Venus enters Leo on June 27.

Read your Sun/Rising sign horoscope for Venus in Cancer:


Welcome home! Spend this time beautifying your space and watch how it transforms your emotional life. Make your home your sanctuary.


Communication is sweeter during this period. It’s a good time to appeal to others, as they’re more receptive to your ideas. Sharing is truly caring, and opening up can strengthen bonds.


Money matters are coming to the surface with this energy, and it's working in your favor. Now is the time to apply for a new position, pursue a career with a higher salary, or ask for a raise.


It's all about you right now. Enjoy the appreciation that will be coming to you from all directions. Spend a little extra money on yourself for some razzle-dazzle if you need it.


This is such a great time for rest and retreat for you. Spend time nourishing yourself and your mental health.


It's time to get in touch with your friends. A nice weekend getaway with your closest pals can help elevate your vision.


Career reigns supreme for you right now. The accolades coming your way are well-deserved. Enjoy them!


You have a chance to see your vision of expansion fully realized and rewarded. This is a good time for picking up new studies.

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This is a great time for scouting your resources. A little research goes a long way towards extended financial stability.


Relationships can get an extra romantic boost right now. Be open to receiving just as much love and care as you give out. You deserve this.


Your daily routine is getting a boost. Experiment with new comfort foods or commit to trying to get an extra hour of sleep every night. Your body will thank you!


It's such a great time for self love and passion projects. The extra inspiration will serve you well and inspire outer radiance.

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