Good News: Sanitation worker saves the lives of three kittens

Terence Taylor was going about his normal shift as a trashman when he heard an unusual sound coming from the back of the truck. He had no idea the sound would lead him to save three lives.

Watch these abandoned kittens get rescued from the trash.

The noise he heard was meowing. When he went to inspect, Terence found three kittens that had been abandoned in the trash. Horrified, he gently pulled them out and searched the truck to ensure there were no more kittens.

A nearby resident saw what was happening and ran out to give him a box and blankets to help transport the little animals.

Terence took the kittens home to clean them up. They were then taken to a local animal shelter and placed in a foster home. The three are doing well - clean, happy, and healthy!

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Kittens rescued after being abandoned in trash