Sweet greyhound makes sure all of his toys get food and water too: 'A good dad dog'

This thoughtful dog always makes sure his stuffed animal friends have food and water.

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The pet owner behind @eggs.bennett, a TikTok account centered on her greyhound Bennett, realized the canine had quite the imagination. Whenever Bennett was hungry or thirsty, it was as though all of his toys were too. His strange and endearing pattern of behavior was captured in a video montage.

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“Anybody else’s dog make sure their toys are fed and watered or is it just mine?” she wrote in the caption.

Bennett had quite a few chew toys, each in the shape of a different animal. He would often carry his toys over to his food and water bowls in his mouth. Then he would leave the toys either in or around the rims of bowls face down. Sometimes he would even join them for a snack.

“He’s a very generous and caring boy that’s for sure!” the pet owner wrote in the comment section.

“After my dog goes swimming he insists on me towel-drying his stuffies, who didn’t go swimming,” a user wrote.

“My dog leaves his favorite toy in his food bowl!! Thank you for helping me realize he was just being a good dad dog,” another commented.

“I thought my dog was the only one that did that and I can’t figure out why he does it!” someone added.

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