All the Spoiler-Filled Details on The Bachelor’s Madison Johnson

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Madi Johnson Is Bringing Drama on ’The Bachelor’Ricky Middlesworth

Well, friends, The Bachelor has somehow been on for 27 seasons, and now Zach Shallcross is taking up the mantle and finding himself a wife on national television. Will they actually get married? Probably not. But will we get emotionally invested in their relationship anyway? Definitely yes.

Zach recently promised that his season will be all about love, telling Glamour, “If you’re into the drama and the bullshit, then sorry, you might not want to watch.” But despite Zach’s protests, this season does have appear to have of plenty of intrigue (or as Zach puts it, “drama and bullshit”). Like, ABC’s editors aren’t out here creating Oscar-worthy trailers of everyone weeping based on nothing, kay?!

And frankly this season is already packed full of drama thanks North Dakota’s very own Madison Johnson. Here’s everything we know about her—starting with some spoiler-free facts just in case you haven't watched the premiere yet.

First Up, You Can Follow Madison on Insta

Just gonna go out on a limb and say that Madison could find herself on Bachelor in Paradise, so might as well smash that follow.

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She’s Super Family-Oriented

Twenty-six-year-old Madison has two sisters she’s extremely close to, and whoever she ends up with better be on board with them being in her life. As ABC’s bio writer (bless) puts it, “Madison is ready to receive the love she gives to so many others! While growing up, Madison took on the role of caretaker for her two younger sisters. So when it comes to her love life, her little sisters are part of a package deal, and Madison wouldn’t have it any other way!”

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She Wants an Empathetic Dude

ABC says Madison “hopes to meet an honest, empathetic, loyal man with a caring family.” They also note that “Madison has worked extremely hard to get to such a great place in life and says she is more than ready to find someone to share it with.”

She, Uh, Hates Sauce

Not sure what else to say here, but yeah...Madison’s “fun fact” is literally that she “dislikes all sauces.” And that she was a presidential scholar in college and wants the power to pause time, but mostly, that she hates sauce.

She Owns a Marketing Business

MJM specializes in “getting our clients results mainly through digital marketing—from boosting online traffic and brand awareness to generating qualified leads.” They appear to specifically specialize in medical aesthetic marketing, in case you were wondering! *pretends to know what that means*

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Kay, now for the Bachelor spoilers. Honestly, there’s only one—and it’s pretty major, so we put it below this GIF:

She Went Home Night One....

...after quite a bit of drama. Basically, Madison spiraled after seeing Zach kiss other women, sobbing and saying, “That is so embarrassing. I want to be wanted. It’s so fucking embarrassing.…I wanted to get his first impression rose. I’m so fucking heartbroken.”

Zach ended up sending her home, and Madison said on her way out, “I cannot believe I gave up my life for him. I know what I deserve and it’s not that. I know for a fact that he does not know what he’s missing out on.”

Truly peak drama, but Zach told Us Weekly that he has nothing but love for Madison.

“I think very highly of her. I just think one thing that I think most people would agree with is you just can’t force it,” he said. “If you’re forcing love—or forcing a kiss in this manner or—I don’t know—navigating it the way that it went, that was an answer in itself. I’m not someone that wants to waste anyone’s time because I know the sacrifice to be there...either take off work or leave your family behind. It doesn’t do anyone any good to just waste your time, and if wasn’t there, it’s not there.”

FYI, Madison was one of *10* people eliminated on night one of The Bachelor, which might be a record. Zach clearly knows what he wants (and doesn’t want) going into this season!

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