Golden's Reaction to Seeing Mom After Boarding Is Just Adorable

The pup couldn't contain his excitement.

As a kid, we always hated being apart from our parents for more than a few hours. When our parents would go on trips without us, we missed them and couldn't wait until they got home. One pup felt the same way about his parents, and their reunion is too good.

TikTok user @harryythegolden recently shared a video of their Golden Retriever, Harry, and his response to seeing his mom after his first time being boarded. In the video, Harry is thrilled to see his momma, and he just has the sweetest reaction! Check out the video to see how Harry greeted his mom after their time apart. 

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Awwwww, this is so sweet! He couldn't contain his excitement and clearly loves his mom. He never wants to be apart from her again!  There better not be any more trips planned in the future, unless Harry can tag along this time.

People in the comments shared that they feel guilty when they board their dogs. @klh030 said, "I always felt guilty leaving our sweet girl; she reacted very similar to this!" and @t.kahler90 commented, "I couldn't do it, the guilt would consume me." Leaving our pups behind is the last thing we would ever want to do, but sometimes, you don't have a choice!

Others thought the greeting Harry gave his mom was so sweet. @jimbitters commented, "It never gets old!" and @marissaa_____ said, "Goldens are the best." We love how loyal and devoted Golden Retrievers are to their owners! They are truly man's best friend.

We are so glad that Harry got to see his momma. Their time apart was too long, even if it was just for one night! This calls for a lot of treats and belly rubs when they get home.

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