Golden Retriever's 'Types of Big Stretches' Will Put a Smile on Anyone's Face

Dogs do so many adorable things on a daily basis, but only one comes with its own catchphrase. I'm talking about 'big stretch', of course! Every pup, big and small, stretches out their legs after a long nap, and something about it is just so charming. It's no wonder why dog owners always say 'big stretch' when their furry friends limber up!

One adorable Golden Retriever named Sterling is the king of big stretches, though his owner never knows for sure just what stretch he's going to do next. That's right--he has his own types of stretching! On March 22, the limber pup's owner shared a video compilation of his stretches, and each is just as cute as the last. How could anyone possibly pick a favorite?

OMG! Sterling has to be one of the fluffiest Golden Retrievers I've ever seen. His fluff is on full display every time he stretches, though he got a little extra bounce on the woof stretch that truly showed off his majesty. I was so enchanted by this handsome guy that I had to watch the video more than once!

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Other dog owners have likely seen these stretches from their own pups. I know I sure have! My senior dog makes all kinds of grumbles, sighs, and tiny howls when he stretches, and my Siberian Husky sometimes tells us when he's getting a very thorough stretch. I think they're all adorable ways to stretch, though my favorite has to be when a dog stretches so intensely that they seem to 'point their toes' behind them. It's the cutest thing!

What Do Dog Stretches Mean?

As human beings, we stretch in a number of situations. Maybe we're feeling stiff after waking up, or perhaps we're preparing for an intense workout. Sometimes, dogs stretch for the same reasons! You might notice your furry friend stretching at the beginning of playtime or a walk as their muscles warm up, and you've definitely seen them stretch after a long sleep. Those stretches feel so good!

As Sterling the Golden Retriever showed us, dog stretches don't all look the same. And they don't mean the same thing either! Some stretches are actually a way of canine communication. It may be a play bow to another dog that turns into a stretch, or it could even be a very subtle stress signal. The best thing you can do to determine what it means is to pay attention to your dog's body language and behavior. Most of the time--it's just a stretch!

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