Golden Retriever's Reaction to Not Getting Woken Up By Mom Is Priceless

This is the exact opposite of what we'd do.

Typically when someone wakes us up in the morning, we're very angry. We want to sleep all day long. We get upset even if it's our partner waking us up to say goodbye to go to work. Don't they know we need our beauty sleep!?

When TikTok doggo @mrreedybug woke up one morning he was also angry, but for very different reasons. We hate when someone disrupts our sleep. He was upset because he woke up all alone and his reaction is absolutely priceless!

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LMAO! We just know this owner will never make that mistake again. He gave the 'you messed up big time' look and he'll never let them live it down.

TikTok user, @jaychiquita, commented, "He looked back like, 'You see how I bought my dog downstairs - you should have done the same.'” HA! He was showing off at how simple it is to wake up the dog. "He’s not mad, just disappointed," added @nena_azul345. That is arguably worse!

@acm.92 said, "Oh he is peeved, he is perturbed, he is pawsitively pressed." As he should be! How dare this owner not say goodbye before going to work?! We have to side with Reedy on this one. He probably woke up so scared. And the only way to make it up to him is to smother him with cuddles and treats!

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