Golden Retriever's Precious Morning Greetings Are the Best Part of Waking Up

·2 min read

We'd listen to these "awoos" all day long.

If you're one that can easily roll out of bed with no problem, consider yourself lucky. We have to snooze our alarm at least 4 times before we even consider getting up. And don't even think about talking to us before we sip our coffee. We're not afraid to admit we're quite grumpy when we have to wake up. At least it's nice to know that we aren't the only ones! Now, if only there was something insanely cute that would make getting up in the morning easier...Don't worry, there is!

Look no further than TikTok doggo @sundaythegoldenretriever. This Golden Retriever is one quirky, singing dog that could put a smile on anyone's face. Yes, that includes the morning grumps. It's the way she greets her owner every morning that really makes us smile. Getting up would be a breeze with a dog like this. Once you hear her, you'll be wanting one to replace your alarm clock too! 

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Stop it! How cute is this?! She really howls every single morning, but not an angry, mean howl. It's the most adorable little 'awoo' we've ever heard. It's something we'd never get tired of! 

We think everyone's favorite 'awoo' is Saturday because it's by far the happiest. "How did she know it was Saturday like that 😅," asked @lisamargetoconnor. Who knew animals could also feel the happiness of the weekend?! They must know Saturdays are meant to be spent with their humans all day long just from the simple fact that we sleep in later than normal. LOL! @bucketsthefoxredlab said, "I felt the joy in that Saturday awoooo." Everyone could feel the joy from her awoos! 

"I love the awwwwooos instant serotonin boost!!!" wrote @LCStaysfly. You can't not be happy while watching this clip! @zoot1f1ed added, "I'd wake up instantly happier with this as an alarm ☺️." YES! We'd do anything to have this sweet puppo be our alarm clock!