Golden Retriever's Gentle Way of Eating a Strawberry Makes Him the Best Boy


Tucker the Golden Retriever loves strawberries—but the way that he so gently eats them is hilarious.

When his mom went to go give him one, he tilted his head up with his mouth slightly open. His bottom teeth were nearly touching the strawberry, and then with a final push from mom, he ate the berry.

This dog is clearly as gentle-mouthed as they come, a trait typical to Retrievers. He stood patiently, almost as if he was waiting for his mom to put the berry right into his mouth. What a spoiled boy!

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If Tucker wants to eat more than one berry, he’s going to have to put a move on it or else they will be there all day! He stood frozen for so long just looking at the berry. When he finally ate it, he seemed to enjoy it.

Upon checking out his TikTok account, Tucker gently eats just about everything, including Goldfish crackers and broccoli. It must take him a half hour to eat dinner each night if he eats at that pace!

This dog shows just how well-trained Golden Retrievers can be. Naturally, as a puppy, dogs don’t know the meaning of being gentle while eating. But with a good amount of training and reward, this dog managed to learn how to take food gently from people. It’s not a skill that every dog has!

Tucker is really a precious dog and looks very well cared for. The fact that his mom is so patient with him eating the berries is really sweet, too! You can just tell that she really loves her dog.

This video of Tucker eating a berry is like a king being fed grapes. He deserves to be spoiled and appreciated this much every day! Luckily, we’re sure that his mom keeps up on this fruit feeding schedule on the daily.

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