Golden Retriever's Funny Snoring Is an End-of-Year Mood

This is how we feel as 2022 ended.

If you’re anything like us, we couldn’t wait for the New Year to start. 2022 was great, but by the end, we were completely exhausted. The time in between the holidays had us catching up on some much-needed rest. And we weren’t the only ones!

Apparently, this past year burned us all out including our fur babies. And this Golden Retriever, known on TikTok as @albert_thegoldendog summed up all of our moods perfectly. You’re going to want to turn your sound up for this one!

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O.M.G. Albert is how we were all sleeping at the end of the year. He must’ve had a rough holiday season with getting tons of treats and toys. LOL! He’s an end-of-year mood for sure.

“Omg those teefers and the cute snoring are so adorable,” said @user8705259088243. Right?! We thought the snoring was going to be the best part of the video, but his tiny teeth showing is perfect! We’re so in love with this adorable dog. “His snores are the only ones that don’t annoy me,” added @actressemme. SAME! Normally we can’t stand hearing snores, but we wouldn’t mind this at all.

Another TikTok user, @poppyseed, wrote, “Tired after working 10 hours a day, paying the bills.” HA! He was totally sleeping like he owns the house and provides for everyone living there.

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