Golden Retriever's Excitement Over 'Feeding the Lambs' After Surgery Is Everything

It's the happiest she's been since her procedure!

Lily the Golden Retriever is one strong and brave girl, and she faced her recent surgery and recovery like a champ. Now that she's all rested, though, it's time for her to get back into her normal routines--including feeding the lambs with her mom! By the looks of this precious video from @lily_boris_darcy, visiting the wooly friends seems like one of Lily's favorite things to do.

As if dogs and lambs aren't cute enough as is, Lily gets all bundled up before heading out into the chilly weather. She's the pure definition of adorable!

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What a precious Lilysaurus! We love how she models her winter outfit for her dad at his desk, but our favorite moment was when she helped carry the apple outside to the sheep.

"Lilysaurus, I am so thankful to God that you are recovering and look so happy today," commenter @vickiepeedinlanca. "You look so beautiful. You are a beautiful girl and you warm my heart." How sweet! It sounds like all the love has been pouring in for this pup since her procedure--and we wouldn't have it any other way.

"Yay she can be back to helping feed her animals," @lindsaymartin223 said. It sounds like feeding the animals is a major part of these farm pups' days! @Battyquinn commented, "awww Lily has lambs & Boris has the cows, how cute! I hope Lily continues to heal well." With so many animal friends to visit, the Golden girl needs to stay healthy! These adventures seem like the perfect motivation, though, so we're sure Lily will be feeling better and better every day.

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